Spanish doubloon from The Goonies


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One of the most desirable and considered cult collectibles from our Goonies. This is the Spanish doubloon founded with the treasure map .Is the starting point of a great adventure of our beloved Goonies.

According to legend, the one-eyed Willy had their own currency cast for use among his men, so coined these doubloons and accumulated a lot on his precious treasure.

One of their coins was perforated with holes oddly shaped, with purpose of indicating a clue to help lead his horde to the treasure.


Technical data sheet :

  • Done at 1:1 on the original film.

  • Materials : Plastic resin.

  • Painting : Hand painted with high strengh and durability paints.

  • Dimensions : 2,3 x 2,3 x 0,13 in (heigh/width/deep).


Data sheet

Plastic resin
2,3 x 2,3 x 0,13 in (heigh/width/deep) aprox.